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Learning to do a forward roll

Blog post   •   Apr 28, 2014 14:51 BST

Conrad was born at 28 weeks premature in Coventry along with his twin brother. The boys suffered a ‘Twin to Twin Transfusion’ while in the womb because they were ‘identical’ and were delivered by emergency c-section.

The prognosis was poor. The boys were going into heart failure and had a 70% chance of survival! Both boys were critical and in SCBU Intensive care and on ventilators.  However, Conrad was far more poorly and a CT Scan revealed he had undergone a bleed in a specific area of his brain resulting in ‘Cerebral Palsy’. They were in SCBU for three Months.

Conrad and his brother are survivors even when they were babies and as small children. Conrad has always had a fighting spirit within him that somehow spurs him on everyday. Also, his delightful and confident nature has enabled him to complete every developmental and academic milestone expected of him, just like his brother – all be it days, weeks, sometime months or years later! Learning and practising to do a forward roll for example.

For Conrad having ‘cerebral palsy’ is about his not being able to walk properly or get around, as well as most other kids.  Yet, with the love, help, motivation and support of his twin brother, big sister and his family, friends, school and medical staff and equipment and aids Conrad tries his hardest and achieves amazing things every day and continues to set himself challenges and goals, despite the pains, aches and physiotherapy treatment, equipment and aids he has to endure daily. This is essential in order to counteract the constant tightness (spasticity) and pulling that Conrad’s muscles, tendons and skeletal frame and joints, undergo everyday. In spite of this all, Conrad continues to be an inspiration to us all.

Conrad had been waiting a date for the vital, life changing  ‘SDR Surgery’ he needs which is the most effective treatment available to Children with Cerebral Palsy to relieve the constant tightness permanently. Thus, allowing the heels of Conrad’s feet to touch the floor and therefore enable Conrad, with lots of hard work from him and physiotherapy from us, to walk and not suffer further pain and deformation of his bones and joints, as an older child, teenager and adult.

However, NHS England have decreed that SDR, should no longer be ‘routine funded’ by the NHS and Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham refused to fund any further SDR surgeries. This was after they were pressured to fund the nineteen children who had already been given dates for their surgery. NHS England then issued a directive for all those applications put forward by the children’s surgeon in Nottingham with ‘exceptional clinical circumstances’ (of which Conrad’s was one, because of his age and degree of tightness) should all be refused – and they all were!

Since receiving this shocking and traumatic news we have now arranged  a ‘private date’ for 17th June 2014, provided Tree of Hope can raise the rest of the amount needed.

Should we exceed the target amount or if we don’t raise enough funds, or if they cannot be used for any other reasons, the funds raised will go to Tree of Hope to assist other children.

It has been a very difficult time for us all.  Conrad remains confident and hopeful. Please help Conrad to walk and to achieve his full potential.

Thank you

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